Welcome to Columbia River Natural Medicine, home of Dr. Heather Sorber!

Dr. Sorber is a Naturopathic Physician who approaches health holistically. What does holistic actually mean? To Dr. Sorber it means addressing each patient individually, knowing that the body works as a beautifully interconnected system, not as isolated parts. Due to this connection, health imbalances affect all facets of life. Dr. Sorber works with each patient to address their individual needs, including structural, biochemical, emotional, and mental imbalances. She treats in the context of each patient’s whole health picture, utilizing her naturopathic education to create individualized patient plans. This may include nutrition, herbs, homeopathy, structural manipulation, and/or pharmaceutical drugs. Dr. Sorber’s primary goal is to help her patients achieve their best state of health.

Dr. Sorber utilizes physical exams, lab tests, and imaging to diagnose and treat. She also utilizes advanced training in Holistic Pelvic Care™applied kinesiology (AK), neuroemotional technique (NET), and total body modification (TBM).

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