What is applied kinesiology?

Applied kinesiology is a technique based on Chinese medicine that correlates muscles in the body to organs, glands, and acupuncture meridians. By manually testing specific muscles, the practitioner can locate structural, chemical, and mental-emotional imbalances in the body. Muscle testing is also used to identify the proper means for correcting such imbalances. In applied kinesiology, the triad of health (structure, biochemistry, and emotions) are the three main factors that contribute to optimal well-being. An imbalance in any of these three factors can effect the other two. Applied kinesiology combines Chinese medicine, chiropractic, herbs, nutrition, and other treatment types (based on each practitioners’ specialty) to direct treatment to any aspect of the triad. This allows the practitioner to provide the most effective treatment for each individual patient.

For more information on applied kinesiology, visit the ICAK website here.