Wild Feminine Book Club

Wild Feminine – Finding Power, Spirit, and Joy in the Female Body – by Tami Kent

Wow! What a powerful message in this time when the female body seems to be under attack. Wild Feminine teaches about where the female body meets the energetic world. The body has an amazing ability to heal and transform a multitude of symptoms, from pelvic pain to decreased libido to trauma recovery. This book helps us tap into the healing power of our bodies! This book club series will provide a safe space to tap into your core feminine essence. We will work together to shift core patterns, boundaries, and transform the way we receive energy and give birth to our creations.

I am Dr. Heather Sorber, a Naturopathic Doctor, practitioner of Holistic Pelvic Care, and facilitator of this book club. I am primarily interested in gathering with other women to learn how to express our full feminine and creative range.

Wild Feminine provides the roadmap for beautifully transformative work that takes time to process, so it will be held in 7 sessions, over 7 months. Sessions will be at 10 am for about 2 hours, with tea and goodies provided. Location: Columbia River Natural Medicine office. 1510 St. Helens Street, Saint Helens OR 97051

Gather with me to learn more about the creative energy flow of the female body.

Session 1, August 24, 2019: Beginning your Journey

Explore the landscape of the female pelvis physically, energetically, and spiritually

Session 2, September 21, 2019: Exploring Your Feminine Ground

Establish new body patterns and open the path to healing to create the life you want.

Session 3, October 19, 2019: Embodying Your Womanhood

Restoring our sacred center and learning to honor the female body

Session 4, November 16, 2019: Expressing Your Wild Feminine

How can we tend our creative fires?

Session 5, January 11, 2020: Returning to the Mother Place

Honor the ebb and flow of our cycles and give life to heartfelt creations

Session 6, February 1, 2020: Transforming Your Inheritance

Emotional patters, boundaries, agreements, and patterns handed down through lineage

Session 7, February 22, 2020: Discover Your Full Feminine Range

Acknowledge our sacred identity and identify and manifest desires.

Email us to sign up: office@columbiarivernaturalmedicine.com

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